Help Desk

Aware that economic competitiveness is not enough, Help on Call Ltd aims to offer an international level quality of services.

To do this, three strategic axes have been privileged :

Quality processes

>> The choice of HP ServiceCenter was motivated mainly by its compliance with ITIL as it allowed the adoption of best practices as applicable to the service offered.

>> In addition, on the project stage, Help on Call Ltd ensured the advice of Deodis – the Neurones Group’s consulting subsidiary – for the definition and implementation of its Quality Service Plan processes and Phases of customer project management.

main sur clavier pour Services IT et Relation Client

Human resources

>> Help on Call Ltd provides training of at least 240 hours to all new recruits who, after selection, are recruited on a permanent contract.

This training covers :

  1. Language skills, provided by the Alliance Française and the British Council
  2. Communication techniques
  3. Business skills
  4. Technical skills, provided by a Gold Training Partner from Microsoft

>> Training is provided on our own premises and is accredited by the Mauritius Qualifications Authority – a state agency.
>> Help on Call Ltd employees enjoy employment conditions that are among the best in the industry and are all full-time employees.
>> Help on Call Ltd’s goal is to have well-trained and motivated teams of men and women willing to make a career in the company.


>> In order to ensure a reliable 24/7 service, Help on Call Ltd has implemented an infrastructure that represents market standards, including:

  1. HP for computer systems
  2. Avaya for Telephony
  3. HP ServiceCenter as Incident Management Software