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11 years of expertise in internal process outsourcing

Why outsource to Mauritius?

Our strategic and geographic positioning allows us to benefit from many advantages. In particular, Mauritius is connected directly to the SAT3 / WASC / SAFE submarine optical fiber, thus connecting the island to Europe and Asia. This allows for competitive communication costs combined with reliable quality of service and quality connectivity. In addition, the region offers an easy-to-access, high-quality workforce at a lower cost compared to other countries.

Thanks to the island's colonial past, the majority of the population is bilingual, with a high standard of French and English. Finally, the geographical positioning of the island makes it possible to be close to Europe (with only 2 hours of jet lag) and thus benefit from the advantages of jet lag (working outside office hours) and to be close to our clients. 

Our HoC Philosophy

Continuous quality service provided to our customers 

We make sure to always be efficient in our key activities so that we can provide quality work as needed and thus have optimal customer satisfaction. 

Because Trust is the basis of any relationship

We seek to establish lasting relationships, based on respect and mutual trust between employees and with our clients for the success of each stakeholder.

Well-being and teamwork

The development of our employees at work is essential to provide a quality service that meets the expectations of our customers. This is why we ensure the well-being of our employees and their personal development at work.

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