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Our company has 75 employees on 1st July 2019, divided according to our various internal operations to customer needs. Help on Call offers a peaceful working environment where we prioritize the well-being of our employees for a better quality of services provided to our customers. 


Managing Director Of Help On Call

Laurent Marmin is the Managing Director of Help on Call. Specialized in the field of outsourcing and relocation of key business activities, he notably contributed to the launch of the first call centers in Morocco, thus forging significant expertise in the field of customer relations centers. He worked more than 20 years in expatriation and he also specialized in the management of IT services (Professional ITIL). Subsequently, he decided to settle in Mauritius to invest in a new project: Help on Call ..

Our organization allows our teams to be efficient in their work, thus providing quality services to our clients. In addition, Help on Call has a low turnover rate : less than 8 % for employees with more than 18 months of service. We thus try to retain our human resources so that our tacit knowledge is kept within our company and so that our clients benefit from our expertise.

Each client project has a dedicated supervisor to ensure the smooth running of your project within Help on Call.


Our work force is made up of different specialized teams depending on the projects and the needs of our clients. We dedicate an integral team especially to our customers, according to their needs and we constantly ensure that the services meet the expectations of the customers, thanks to internal training of our collaborators, but also through regular checks of the progress of the project by our supervisors. 

Our employees at a glance ...

Adaptability to all situations

Even the most delicate.

Always listening to our customers

To provide services that match our customers.

A cohesive team

A team spirit that has a positive impact on the company's activity and the quality of services.

Serious and Responsible

Always focused on the smooth running of activities.

Qualified personnel

Thanks to a low turnover and selective recruitment, followed by in-house training by our experts.

Help on Call is above all a young and dynamic company caring about the success of our employees.

We provide internal training to all our employees and we favor internal promotion for supervisor-manager positions to guarantee the corporate culture. The diversity of our customers allows our employees to evolve and develop new skills.


The development of our employees is part of our values, which has enabled us to grow and succeed in our field of work. For the well-being of our employees, we provide a transport service for their safety. We value the work of our employees through performance and presence bonuses and above all, we ensure that there is good cohesion on all relational levels within the company.

At Help on Call, we are always on the lookout for new recruits. We are mainly looking for the following positions:

If you want to join the Help on Call team, send us your CV to the following address:

Open applications are welcome and we will be happy to study them and hope to have you on our team! In addition to this, you need to know more about it !