Outsourcing-BPO IT and Customer Relationship Center in Mauritius, 24/7

IT Is Our Core Business.

It is because we are aware of the issues related to the proper functioning of computer systems within a company that we offer high quality services to our clients.  

      In addition, with the evolution of the market, we have developed expertise in the field of Customer Relations, to become a Customer Relationship Center.


Support In All Your IT Projects

Whether you are a VSE, SME, SSII (ESN), ETI, GE / Large Groups or even a Start-up, we adapt to your needsbecause each company has a different work methodology. Therefore therefore, we support you in all your projects IToutsourcing and outsourcing of Customer Relationshipfrom the definition of needs, to the integration and monitoring of your activity within Help on Call.

We are equipped with an IT infrastructure that meets market standards and meets the expectations of our customers.

Services 24/7 

“Our main objective is to help companies in their IT department so that they can essentially focus on their core business and reduce their internal costs at lower risk, thanks to sustained and secure support. " 

Our services

Help on Call specializes in outsourcing services based on IT processes, locally and internationally. More specifically, we operate all types of activity around IT and Customer Relations, with proven expertise in the following activities:

IT Park Management

Computer asset management refers to the process of controlling all the hardware and software resources that are used within a company. Thus, with the development of technologies, the computer park requires permanent monitoring and meticulous management of these resources. Consequently, it requires an allocation of significant financial resources (more qualified labor, time devoted to park management, etc.).

Aware of the importance of fleet management, our company has qualified human resources in the field of IT fleet management. Indeed, we can take care of your fleet management (total or partial) and we communicate constantly with our customers to adapt to their needs. In addition, in some cases, we are able to detect anomalies beforehand and deal with them before they do not create potential dangers. 

Supervision-Security of systems and networks

The security of the computer network is essential for the survival of a company. With the growing concerns for user privacy and the volatile IT environment, network security has become a key factor essential to develop in a business today.

Thus, at Help on Call, we have teams dedicated to the security of computer networks. In particular, we monitor the networks 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In the event of an accident or anomaly, we take charge of the accident immediately to resolve the problem and maintain the security of the networks. 

Support Management Level 1 and 2 - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Technical support may request the allocation of a significant amount of resource that affects the company's IT investment. Its outsourcing provides access to an efficient service at lower costs. therefore, we are able to provide assistance to any type of incident or problem that a company may face during its existence at the IT level. We operate in particular in ticketing, dispatch, incident management, request management, problem management and on-call management, while respecting ITIL best practices.

Finally, our approach to support management aims to create a stable IT environment, by anticipating and preventing any technical problem or incident, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by bilingual English and French employees.

Customer Relationship Center

Help on Call also provides Call Center services (mainly in incoming calls). We offer Hotline services, customer service, back office, tele-secretarial services and other activities in the field of Customer Relations.

Our team has training and qualifications in the field of customer relations, which allows them to face any type of situation, even the most delicate, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, all of our employees have bilingual skills to be able to provide services in English or French, depending on your needs. Depending on your services, our teams quickly adapt to your products / work system to be operational immediately.

Although your activities are outsourced, at Help on Call, your customers are also our customers!



In the end, the outsourcing of certain activities of a company essentially allows:

Optimizing cost management

In order to reduce the material and human costs deployed in your company.

Better management of activities

Outsourcing allows activities to be supervised by professionals in order to have access to quality services.

Increase the performance of your company

Outsourcing allows companies to focus on their core business.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any other information on the outsourcing of your activity.